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Vintage costume and accessories
Vintage costume and accessories Vintage costume and accessories

Since the mid 1990s Tin Tin Collectables have offered for sale some of the worlds finest vintage clothing.

Although originally specialising in the clothing and textiles of the first half of the 20C we are aware that 'time flies like an arrow etc' and we now cover the period up to the mid 1970s.

Tin Tin Collectables supply the needs of private collectors, fashion houses, and film & television designers. Word of mouth is our best advertising method and Tin Tin Collectables is generally acknowledged as the 'go to' shop for your vintage requirements.

Museums worldwide use Tin Tin Collectables as a source for their exhibitions. Our attention to fine details allows you to shop with confidence – all our costumes and accessories are hand selected and in the best original condition possible.

Should you have a specific request, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Tin Tin Collectables