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Vintage luggage and sporting goods
Vintage luggage and sporting goods Vintage luggage and sporting goods

Since their decommissioning at the advent of powered flight, these elegant leviathans of the golden age of travel have been stored in the attics of the great and the good. They have patiently waited, gaining age and patination, for their reinvention of purpose.

What once criss-crossed the worlds oceans stowed with the luxury goods of first class travellers are now providing interior éclat as statement coffee tables, side & console pieces – ideal in today's smaller living apartments where combining storage space with functionality is a necessity.

Lacquered wooden banding, polished brass locks & trims, exotic skin covering, & waxed leather edging are all hallmarks of the quality of these trunks.

Unlike today's disposable lightweight luggage, these proud testaments to wealth and luxury have acquired a veneer of age, unavailable in any reproduction item.

Sometimes they retain their original labels, keys, & interiors – but they always retain their originality.

The popularity of vintage luggage causes the turn-a-round to be fairly rapid, and the images on the site are pieces which may well have been sold, but will give a flavour of the quality of stock available.

We always welcome personal shoppers at our 1st floor showroom in Alfies Antique Market. However if a visit is inconvenient please contact us and images can be emailed.